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January 7,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />Ord,No,97-7 <br />Page Two <br />3.During the period of the special use permit use,the applicant shall close the northernmost <br />entrance to the property from Route 234 by installing five (5)planters,each four (4)feet or <br />greater in diameter,within said area,as shown on the GDP.These planters shall be planted <br />with evergreen shrubs.The applicant shall be responsible for the regular maintenance of <br />these planters,and for regularly replacing any unsightly,dead,or dying evergreen shrubs, <br />Trash shall not be allowed to accumulate in the planters. <br />4.The applicant shall provide landscaping along the Route 234 frontage,to include a 4-foot <br />landscaped berm,as shown on the GDP.The applicant shall also be responsible for the <br />regular maintenance of this berm,and for regularly replacing any unsightly,dead,or dying <br />plant materials. <br />5.An 8-foot-tall chain link fence with black vinyl coating shall be provided on the property <br />adjacent to the Brighton Commons residential development.This fence will be connected to <br />the existing fences,to completely enclose the facility for security purposes. <br />6.The owner/operator shall contribute to Prince William County Board of County Supervisors <br />at the time of site development permit issuance the following monetary contributions: <br />a)$2,236.00 for future construction ofa Class I bike trail along this portion ofRoute 234. <br />b)$375.00 for monitoring water quality in the Bull Run watershed. <br />c)$500.00 for Fire &Rescue services, <br />7.All of the new single-story buildings constructed on the property shall have no rooftop <br />equipment.The existing building and the new two-story building,which shall be climate- <br />controlled,shall utilize rooftop HVAC equipment.This equipment shall be screened from <br />view from Route 234 and the abutting areas by the roofs that are shown on the Building <br />Architectural Rendering that is part of the GDP. <br />8.Freestanding and building-mounted lighting fixtures shall have a maximum height not to <br />exceed the roof level of the storage buildings.All lighting shall have a sharp cut-off angle <br />that will ensure that light will be directed downward and shall not extend beyond the <br />property line,onto any abutting residential properties. <br />9.The use ofbanners,balloons,streamers,and similar attention-getting devices shall be strictly <br />prohibited. <br />10.Occupancy of the second-floor manager’s apartment in the existing building shall be <br />consistent with the occupancy requirements and definition of family in the Zoning Ordinance. <br />11.Refuse storage and removal areas shall be completely screened with an opaque fence or wall, <br />including a gate,that prohibits views of such areas from adjoining properties and the public <br />rights-of-way.Associated gates shall remain closed when not accessing the refuse <br />containers.