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SEE REVISED ORDINANCE //97—5 DATED MARCH 11,1997 <br />January 7,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />Ord No.97-5 <br />Page Two <br />3.The use of the site shall be limited to retail motor vehicle fuel sales (maximum of eight <br />fueling positions),and quick-service food store (maximum of 3150 square footage)and <br />may operate 24 hours a day,seven days a week.No customer seating shall be associated <br />with the quick-service food store.Motor vehicle service or repairs on the property is <br />prohibited. <br />4.A 50-foot wide buffer area shall be provided along the eastern boundary adjacent to the <br />Vista Brooke residential subdivision,planted in accordance with Buffer Type C in the <br />Design and Construction Standards Manual. <br />5.The applicant shall install a water quality inlet on the site in a location specified by the <br />Department ofPublic Works,Watershed Management.Said water quality inlet shall be <br />properly monitored and maintained on a regular basis as determined by Watershed <br />Management at the time of site plan approval. <br />6.The outside storage or display of merchandise shall be prohibited,except for motor oil in <br />racks and bundles of firewood.This shall include,but not be limited to,beverages,tires, <br />motor vehicle accessories,and recreational equipment.The overnight parking or storage <br />of inoperable vehicles shall be prohibited. <br />7.All petroleum products,antifreeze,solvents,or other pollutants shall be properly stored, <br />maintained,and disposed of an a routine basis,The discharge or disposal of said materials <br />on-site or into the ground,surface water,or sanitary sewer shall be prohibited. <br />8.The underground storage tanks shall be double-walled,fiberglass with interstitial leak <br />detection systems. <br />9.The owner of the property shall prepare an emergency spill notification contingency plan <br />and shall have same approved by the Fire Marshal and posted on the premises before the <br />issuance of any occupancy pennits.The owner/operator ofthe property shall be <br />responsible for notifying the Fire Marshal’s office immediately in the event of a spill of any <br />petroleum products or chemical waste on the property.The owner shall assume full <br />responsibility for the costs incurred in the cleanup of such spills. <br />10.The site shall be permitted a maximum of one freestanding monument-style sign.Such <br />sign shall be a maximum of 10 feet in height and have a maximum of 80 square feet of <br />advertising area per face.Streamers,pennants,banners,balloons,garrison flags,posters, <br />and other temporary advertising shall be prohibited.