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January 7,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />Ord.No.97-2 <br />Page Two <br />Phase I.Signage to be proposed and permitted in Phase II shall be uniform, <br />consistent,and harmonious with that permitted for Phase I and the plans and exhibits <br />of this special use permit, <br />2.All signs shall be setback from public Street rights-of-way and the edge of private streets <br />one foot for every two feet in height ofthe sign.Signs shall not be located within sight <br />distance areas along streets or at street intersections. <br />3.Permanent neighborhood and sub-neighborhood signs which are placed outside of <br />homeowners association property shall only be allowed with recorded sign easements. <br />Such recordation shall designate those responsible for maintaining the signs.The <br />permanent neighborhood and sub-neighborhood signs shall be maintained by the <br />homeowners associations. <br />4.Sign permits for the temporary marketing signs shall be issued for a period of 15 years. <br />Such signs shall have the date of approval and date for the sign to be removed finnly <br />affixed to the back of the sign.All temporary marketing signs shall be maintained by the <br />applicant and shall be removed by the applicant or the homeowners association at the time <br />that the sign permit expires.The applicant shall escrow $5,000.00 in an interest bearing <br />account,pursuant to a mutually acceptable escrow agreement between the applicant and <br />the County,prior to the issuance of the first sign permit.Such escrow funds shall be used <br />to pay the County for the cost of removing any signs which remain after the expiration of <br />any sign permit. <br />5.The temporary builder/model signs shall be maintained by the applicant and removed by <br />the applicant when the model houses designated by the signs are sold. <br />6.A sign installation application and appropriate fees shall be submitted by the applicant for <br />each sign prior to sign pennits being issued by the County.There shall be no deposit <br />required for any ofthe temporary signs permitted hereunder. <br />7.The signs,if lighted,shall only be externally illuminated,as shown in Exhibit B,from dusk <br />until dawn each day of the week.Sign lighting shall be directed and shielded so as not to <br />cause glare in public streets.