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MOTION:HILL April 21,1997 <br />Special Meeting <br />SECOND:JENKINS Res,No,97~34O <br />RE:APPROVE FY 1998 SOLID WASTE ENTERPRISE BUDGET AND FEE <br />SCHEDULE <br />ACTION:APPROVED <br />WHEREAS,Section 22~4(c)of the Code ofPrince William County authorizes <br />the Board of County Supervisors to establish fees for the use of County Solid Waste Disposal <br />Facilities by commercial refuse removers,commercial users,residential users and non~ <br />commercial users;and <br />WHEREAS,the Prince William Sanitary Landfill and Solid Waste Division is an <br />Enterprise Fund entirely supported through user fees;and <br />WHEREAS,the FY97 Solid Waste fees adopted by the Board by Resolution <br />No,96~483effective July 1,1996 are $45.00 per ton for refuse removers and commercial users <br />and $5.00 per vehicle for County residents for amounts under 200 lbs.;and <br />WHEREAS,the FY97 fees for the County’s solid waste facilities is summarized <br />in the attached fee schedule;and <br />WHEREAS,staff recommends that the FY98 solid waste disposal gate fees for <br />refuse removers and commercial users remain the same ($45.00 per ton for refuse);and <br />WHEREAS,staff recommends that authorization given to the County Executive <br />by Resolution No.96~393to enter into contracts for the guaranteed delivery of solid waste at <br />reduced rates continue into FY98;and <br />WHEREAS,staff also recommends that the fees for County residential users <br />remain the same ($5.00 per trip for County residents for amounts under 200 lbs.);and <br />WHEREAS,staff recommends that the $135.00 annual pass (30 uses)remain <br />the same;and <br />WHEREAS,staff also recommends that the annual pass (30 uses)be sold to <br />senior citizens at an additional discount for $100.00 with no expiration date;and <br />WHEREAS,staff recommends that the household hazardous waste disposal fee <br />remain the same at no charge for County residents and $35.00 per user for communities that are <br />not participating in the County’s solid waste program;and