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MOTION:CADDIGAN April 21,1997 <br />Special Meeting <br />SECOND:BARG Ru,No.97-326 <br />RE:SPECIAL SERVICE AND SANITARY DISTRICT LEVIES AND <br />BUDGETS FOR FY 1998 (TAX YEAR 1997) <br />ACTION:APPROVED <br />WHEREAS,the Board of County Supervisors has established several sanitary <br />districts and service districts throughout the County;and <br />WHEREAS,the proposed levy rates for these districts were duly advertised and <br />the subject of public hearings on April 7 and 8,1997;and <br />WHEREAS,the Prince William Board of County Supervisors wishes to <br />appropriate the sanitary and service district budgets in their entirety; <br />NOW,THEREFORE,BE if RESOLVED that the Prince William Board of <br />County Supervisors does hereby adopt the following FY 1998 (Tax Year 1997)budgets and <br />levies at a rate per $100 valuation on all real estate and personal property for the service and <br />districts as follows: <br />Adopted Adopted <br />FY1998 FY1998 <br />Budget <br />Bull Run Mountain Sanitary District $.0000 $0 <br />Bull Run Mountain Service District 5.1000 $54,000 <br />Occoquan Forest Sanitary District 5.1600 $179,250 <br />Prince William Parkway Transportation <br />Improvement District $,2000 $730,000 <br />234 Bypass Transportation Improvement District $.0200 $100,000 <br />Gypsy MotWMosquito Control Service District $.0028 $552,561 <br />Lake Jackson Service District $.1100 $44,000 <br />BE if FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of County Supervisors does <br />hereby budget and appropriate the budgets as shown above in their entirety effective July 1, <br />1997. <br />Votes: <br />Ayes:Barg,Caddigan,Hill,Jenkins,McQuigg,Seefeldt,Thompson,Wilbourn <br />Nays:None <br />Absent from Vote:None <br />Absent from Meeting:None <br />For information: <br />Assistant CXO -CG <br />Director of Finance <br />Director of Public Works <br />Service Authority General Manager <br />CERTIFIED COPY__________________ <br />Clerkto áe Board