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Attachment <br />Ord.No.97-40 <br />April21,1997 <br />PROPOSED REVISIONS <br />CHAPTER 5.5 <br />CABLE TELEVISION <br />*** <br />See.5,5-16.Required. <br />(a)The licensee shall pay to the county for the duration of the license a license fee which shailbeequal <br />to five (5)percent of the licensee~sgross revenues,Notwithstanding the preceding sentence,the board may <br />establish a lesser percentage without prejudice to its right to change the fee at any time,provided that the said fee <br />does not exceed the foregoing five (5)percent limitation.Any such fee shall be paid quarterly within thirty (30) <br />days after the expiration of the calendar year quarters ending March 31,June 30,September 30,and December <br />31,at which time the licensee shall file with the county a financial statement clearly showing the gross revenues <br />received by the licensee during the preceding quarter.In the event any quarterly payment of the license fee is not <br />made within thirty (30)days specified herein,interest shall be charged from the thirty-first day at the interest rate <br />permitted on delinquent personal property and real estate taxes by general law. <br />(b)Acceptance of any fee payment shall not constitute,and shall not be deemed,construed,or applied <br />as,an admission or an agreement by the county that the amount paid is in fact correct,or as a waiver of its rights, <br />hereby expressly reserved to audit the licensee~sfinancial records at any time,and to recompute the amount of fee <br />payable hereunder.Any additional amounts found to be due as a result of such audit shall be -paid,upon demand, <br />together with interest at the rate permitted on judgments by general law computed from the date upon which the <br />correct fee was due. <br />(c)In the event a license is revoked prior to its expiration date,and in the event that a percentage <br />license fee has been imposed,the licensee shall,within thirty (30)days of the date of revocation: <br />(1)File with the county a financial statement clearly showing the gross revenues received by the <br />licensee since the expiration of the immediately preceding calendar year quarter;and <br />(2)Pay the license fee accrued as of the date of revocation. <br />(d)Nothing in this section thall be deemed construed,or applied to exempt the licensee from the <br />payment ofany taxes,fees,or charges lawfully imposed.(No.84-829,10-23-84;No.96-40,4-30-96) <br />Editor’s Note--No.96-40,adopted April 30,1996,made this section effective July 1,1996. <br />c:cable