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ATTACHMENT <br />Ord.No.97-37 <br />April 15 1997 <br />PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO THE PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY CODE <br />CHAPTER 9.--FIRE PREVENTION AND PROTECTION <br />Sec.9-87.Duties and responsibilities of volunteer companies. <br />(a)Volunteer companies which are members of the association (“member <br />companies”)shall operate in accordance with the policies,procedures,and uniform rank <br />structure established by the association.However,nothing in this section prohibits or <br />restricts a member company from organizing or managing company affairsaccording to <br />company bylaws which are consistent with state law and association policies and <br />procedures and directives. <br />(b)Member companies shall submit an annual budget for review and <br />recommendation by the board of directors of the association and the county executive <br />before submission to the board of county supervisors..~bj,~bud etsub~issionshall <br />include a summary statement of major defined in the contract,by <br />companies from all sources of revenue other than fire levy funds. <br />(c)Each member company shall select or elect a chief who meets the <br />qualifications and standards adopted by the board of directors of the association.The <br />chiefof a volunteer company shall serve such term of office as a company chief as the <br />bylaws of the company direct. <br />(d)Whenever the county executive determines in writing,and the Board of <br />~that examination and inspection of all or any portion of a <br />member companyts business records related to the expenditure of fire levy funds is <br />necessary for the purpose of conducting financial reviews or audits,and that such <br />financial reviews or audits are necessary to protect the interest of the public,a member <br />company shall permit the county executive andlor representatives of the county executive <br />to inspect its business records relating to fire levy funds at such reasonable times and <br />under such reasonable circumstances as the county executive may direct.Member <br />companies shall make available all records related to fire levy funds and shall cooperate <br />fully in all financial reviews or audits of the company’s business affairs ordered by the <br />county executive pursuant to this subsection.(No.89-142,10-10-89;No.91-137,12-10- <br />91;No.94-52,7-19-94)