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ATTACHMENT <br />April 8,1997 <br />Ord.No.97-35 <br />Chapter 23,Article ffi of the Prince William County Code <br />Sec.23-48.Septic tank pump-out required every five (5’)years <br />. <br />Onsite sewage disposal systems not requiring a Virginia Pollution Discharge Elimination <br />System (VPDES)permit shall have pump-out accomplished at least once every five years <br />. <br />La)The owner of each such system shall cause a maintenance ~~nip-out of the <br />septic tank of each system owned to be performed by a sewage handler permitted by the <br />Virginia Department ofHealth at least once every five years.Sewage Handlers must <br />report all pump-outs to the Health District on a biweekly basis.The sewage handler shall <br />provide to the homeowner a copy of the information reported to the Health District <br />. <br />(b)The Health District shall evaluate compliance with this section and with <br />related state and county codes.When indicated by the facts,a violation of this Article <br />w:Isep/septic