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ATTACHMENT <br />Ord,No.97-29 <br />April 1,1997 <br />EXHIBIT I <br />215/97 PIa’nning Commission Meeting <br />PROPOSED ZONING TEXT AMENDMENT #97-01 <br />SETBACKS FOR OPEN CARPORTS IN THE R-10 ZONING DISTRICT <br />PART 300 AGRICULTURE AND RESIDENTIAL DISTRICTS;GENERAL REGULATIONS <br />32-300.06,Yard Encroachments. <br />Required yard,setback1 and buffer areas shall be unoccupied and open to the sky except for <br />accessory buildings and accessory structures as permitted by this chapter,and except for the <br />following: <br />(1)Architectural features (such as windows,sills,chimneys,cornices,eaves,and gutters,but <br />excluding cantilevers)may project up to three feet into any required yard,setback,or buffer, <br />provided they are at least five feet from the property line, <br />(2)Open outside fire escapes may project up to five feet into any required yard,setback,or <br />buffer,provided that they shall be located at least five feet from the property line. <br />~ <br />~rictsrovidedthefollowinstandardsaremet, <br />(a)A minimum five foot setback distance shall be maintained between the carport and the <br />~roert line, <br />(b)Such encroachments shall not be permitted for side yards which abut a side street <br />. <br />(c)The carport addition must be attached to the principal dwelling,open on the three sides <br />which do not abut the principal dwelling,and shall not be enclosed in the future <br />. <br />(d)The minimum five foot separation distance from the side property line shall be measured <br />from the portion of the carport structure nearest to the side property line,including but not <br />limited to,eaves,gutters,cantilevers,cornices,or roof overhangs <br />. <br />(e)Such encroachments shall be permitted on one side yard only. <br />~{4~Unroofed landings,porches,decks,steps and stoops,in any combination,may <br />encroach up to four feet into a minimum required yard,setback,or buffer provided they shall be <br />located at least five feet from the property line.