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0 <br />1 <br />Prince William County, Virginia' <br />BOARD OF COUNTY SUPERVISORS <br />Hon. Sean T. Connaughton, Chairman <br />Hon. Ruth T. Griggs, Vice Chairman <br />Hon. Hilda M. Barg Hon. John D. Jenkins u <br />Hon. Maureen S. Caddiga.n Hon. L. Ben Thompson <br />Hon. Mary K. Hill Hon. Edgar S. Wilbourn, III <br />I. r <br />BOARD CHAMBER June 25, 2002 <br />1. Pledge of Allegiance 2 :00 P.M. <br />2. Invocation <br />Reverend Knox Swayze, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Dumfries <br />3. Approval of Minutes <br />A. RES - Approve - June 4, 2002 Minutes <br />B. RES - Approve - June 18, 2002 Minutes <br />4. Consent Agenda <br />A. RES - Commend /Resignation - Steven Danziger - Park <br />Authority - Chairman Connaughton <br />B. RES - Commend /Resignation - Donald L. Kinnett - Solid <br />Waste Advisory Committee - Supervisor. Jenkins <br />C. RES - Commend - Ray Farrell and Tom Brooks - Mom's Mobile <br />Chairman Connaughton <br />D. RES - Commend - Osbourn Park Navy Junior Recruit <br />Officers, Training Corps Rifle Team - First Place <br />Winner - Commonwealth of Virginia Competition - <br />Supervisor Thompson <br />E. RES - Commend /Retirement Ronald L. Davis - Planning <br />Office - Cleil W. Fitzwater - Office of Executive <br />Management <br />F. RES - Commend /Retirement - Lori A. Kiley - Police <br />Department - Cleil W. Fitzwater - Office of <br />Executive Management <br />G. RES - Commend /Retirement - Sharon J. Wise - Public Works <br />Department - Cleil W. Fitzwater - Office of <br />Executive Management <br />H. RES - Proclaim - July 4, 2002 as "Philippine- American <br />Friendship Day" in Prince William County - <br />Supervisor Jenkins <br />I. RES - Proclaim - Week of July 14 -20, 2002 as Probation, <br />Parole and Community Supervision Officers, Week <br />Christina Frank - Office of Criminal Justice <br />Services <br />J. RES - Approve - Department of Fire and Rescue Purchase of <br />a 1990 Ford Command Vehicle from the Dumfries- <br />Triangle Volunteer Fire Department for the Amount <br />of $1 - Mary Beth Michos - Fire and Rescue <br />Association <br />Page 1 of 8 Pages <br />