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c� w� Prince William County, Virginia <br />BOARD OF COUNTY 'SUPERVISORS` <br />Hon. Sean T. Connaughton, Chairman <br />• Hon. Ruth T. Griggs, Vice Chairman <br />y �y Hon. Hilda M. Barg Hon. John D. Jenkins <br />Hon. Maureen S. Caddigan Hon. L. Ben Thompson <br />Hon. Mary K. Hill Hon. Edgar S. Wilbourn, III <br />BOARD CHAMBER January 22, 2002 <br />1. Pledge of Allegiance 2:00 P.M. <br />2. Invocation <br />Chaplain Russell Gunter, Potomac Hospital, Woodbridge <br />3. Approval of Minutes <br />A. RES - Approve January $, 2002 Minutes <br />B. RES Approve_ January 15, 2002 Minutes <br />4 Consent Agenda <br />A. RES Commend /Resignation, Mona Shaw Commission on <br />Aging - Supervisor Thompson <br />B. RES - Commend /Resignation -'Tom Finn - Prince William <br />County /Manassas Convention and Visitors Bureau - <br />Supervisor Barg <br />C. RES - Commend /Resignation - Marie Caton - Historical <br />Commission - Supervisor Thompson <br />D. RES - Budget and Appropriate $23,842 in Federal Funds to <br />Expand Services to Older Adults - Lin Wagener <br />Agency on Aging <br />E. RES Transfer, Budget and Appropriate $265,554 in <br />Proffer Funds to the School. Board for the Purchase <br />of a Middle School Site - Dumfries Magisterial <br />District - Richard Lawson - Planning Office <br />F. RES - Budget and Appropriate $6,025 from Court Forfeiture <br />Fund Balance to Buy Half Interest in One Seized <br />Vehicle, and Provide for Annual Gasoline and <br />Maintenance for that Vehicle, and Authorize <br />'M <br />Police Department <br />G. RES - Approve - Contract with SP Recycling Corporation <br />for Outsourcing the Processing and Marketing of <br />Recyclable Materials - Robert Wilson - Public Works <br />H. RES - Approve - Historic Preservation Foundation Founding <br />Documents - Robert Wilson - Public Works <br />I. RES - Approve Lease of 9309 Center Street, City of <br />Manassas, for Office of Dispute Resolution Robert <br />Wilson - Public Works <br />t. <br />Page 1 of 5 Pages <br />N <br />