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E'ti PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, VIRGINIA HoN. S @1N T. CONN.wc HTO.N CHAIRAIAN <br />HON. MAUREEN S CADUIGAN. VICE CHAIRMAN <br />a ! BOARD OF COUNTY SUPERVISORS Hon. HILDA M. BARG <br />110N. W. S. WALLY COVINCTON ]11. <br />N r Hon.,lonN D JENKUVS <br />y HON. MARTIN E. NONE <br />Board Chamber, one County Complex'Court Hon. CoREY A. STEIVART <br />Prince William. Virginia 22192 Hon. JoliN. T. STIRRUP <br />March 18, 2004 <br />Special.Meeting <br />1: Public Hearing 6:00 P.M. <br />A. RES - Authorize Issuance of Not to Exceed $55,000,000 <br />General Obligation School Bonds of the County of <br />Prince William, Virginia, Series 2004A, to Be Sold <br />to the Virginia Public School Authority - <br />Christopher Martino - Finance Department <br />2. Adjourn Meeting <br />A. RES -Adjourn Meeting <br />3 <br />1 <br />El <br />Work Session 6 :00 - 9 :00 P.M. <br />A. FY 2005 Budget - David Tyeryar Office of <br />Executive Management <br />Office on School Age Care <br />Public Health Department <br />Law Library <br />At -Risk Youth <br />Cooperative Extension <br />Office of Information Technology <br />General Registrar <br />Agency on Aging <br />Human Rights Commission <br />County Attorney <br />Page 1 of 1 Page <br />0