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0 <br />Prince William County, Virginia <br />BOARD OF COUNTY SUPERVISORS <br />Hon. Sean T. Connaughton, Chairman <br />Hon. L. Ben Thompson, Vice Chairman <br />Hon. Hilda M. Barg Hon. Mary K. Hill <br />Hon. Maureen S. Caddigan Hon. John D. Jenkins <br />Hon. Ruth T. Griggs Hon. Edgar S. Wilbourn, III <br />s <br />MAaG <br />January 21, 2003 <br />1. Pledge of Allegiance 2:00 P.M. <br />2. Invocation <br />Reverend Shelby Boldt of Hylton Memorial Chapel, Woodbridge <br />3. Approval of Minutes <br />A. RES - Approve January 7, 2003 Minutes <br />B. RES - Approve - January 14, 2003 Minutes <br />4 Consent Agenda <br />A. RES - Commend /Resignation - Margaret Wilson - Potomac and <br />Rappahannock Transportation District Commission - <br />Supervisor Jenkins <br />B. RES - Commend /Retirement - Jessie T. Mullins - Public <br />Works Department Cleil W. Fitzwater Office of <br />Executive Management <br />C. RES - Proclaim — February 2003 as Black History Month - <br />Cassandra M. Bright - Black History Month Committee' <br />D. RES Award a Contract to Site Works, Inc. for <br />Miscellaneous Construction Services - Robert Wilson <br />Public Works Department <br />E. RE'S - Authorize Street Name Change - Disconnected Section <br />of Dumfries Road Between James Russell Road and <br />Tayloe Drive to Canova Drive - Coles Magisterial <br />District - Masood Noorbakhsh - Office of <br />Information Technology <br />C, -r-i +-A. Time <br />6. County Executive <br />A. - Presentation.- Employee of the Month - Craig S. <br />Gerhart - County Executive <br />B. RES - Approve - VRE Federal Surface Transportation <br />Program (T -3) Request - Dana Fenton - Office of <br />Executive Management <br />C. RES - Approve /Accept Legislative Report - Dana Fenton - <br />Office of Executive Management <br />7. County Attorney <br />A. RES - Authorize - Closed Meeting <br />Page 1 of 6 Pages <br />0