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ATTACHMENT <br />September 5, 2006 <br />Ord. No. 06-76 <br />Pagel of 2 <br />Ordinance <br />Sec 13-327Limitation <br />on parking commercial vehicles in residence districts <br />P449'" a is zeoed <br />> , <br />eFeaW; any <br />10 <br />a Restricted parking. Noperson shall park or leave unattended an commercial vehicle on <br />any public hi hwa in an residence district as defined in Section 46.2-100 of the Code of Virginia. <br />b Commercial vehicles defined. For the purposes of this section a commercial vehicle is <br />defined as anv of the following: <br />i any solid waste collection vehicle tractor truck or tractor trucklsernitrailer or <br />tractor truck/trailer combination duw truck concrete mixer truck towing and <br />recovery vehicle with a registered gross weight of 12,000 mounds or more, and any <br />heavy construction a ui ment whether located on the highmLay highwayor on a truck trailer or <br />serni�trai <br />ii) any trailer, semitrailer, or other vehicle in which food or beverages are stored or <br />sold <br />iii) any vehicle licensed by the Commonwealth for use as a common or contract <br />carrier or as a limousine except one resident of each single-family dwelling unit zoned <br />for residential use may ark one vehicle licensed as a taxicab or limousine on such <br />highways. provided other vehicles are perrnitted to nark thereon <br />iv any trailer or semitrailer re ardiess of whether such trailer or semitrailer is <br />attached to another vehicle <br />v) any vehicle with three or more axles <br />vil any vehicle that has a oss vehicle weight rating, of 12 000 or more ounds <br />vii any,vehicle desi ed to trans ort 16 or more passmers including the driver <br />viii] anyvehicle of any size that is being used in the transportation of hazardous <br />materials as defined in � 46.2•-3414. <br />